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Build Together & Stay Together – Building Tips for Couples

  • January 20, 2017 by Finial User


Building a new home is a very exciting journey! It is also a journey that you need to be prepared for because there are many options to consider and many decisions to be made. Many couples go into the process not realizing how much of a team effort building a new home requires. We have listed a few suggestions to help couples stay on the same page while they build their dream home.

Determine Your Budget and Stick to It

Before you even choose a builder or a house plan, review your finances and set a budget. Hold each other accountable to the budget throughout the building process. At Finial Construction, we offer our clients access to software called Builder Trend that allows you to see the budget for each category of your project and how well you are staying on track.

With this software, you will be able to see when, for example, those marble kitchen countertops put you over budget. Knowing where you are over budget  will allow you to trim the budget in a different area that might not be as important to you.

Discuss Your Must-Haves

Before you even begin to build, browse magazines and websites (such as Houzz or Pinterest) together and discuss your likes and dislikes. If you absolutely must have a window above the kitchen sink, make sure to voice your opinion to your partner early on. Some things are harder and more costly to change after they have been done.

While it’s important to voice your opinion, it is also equally important to listen to the opinion of your partner. His/her must-have selections may completely differ from yours. Learn to compromise when possible, and your home will be a reflection of yourselves as a couple instead of you as an individual.

If you find yourselves unable to reach an agreement, don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of a professional designer or your builder. Their experience enables them to offer insight neither of you may have considered.

Don’t Let It Consume Your Relationship

Be sure to have a night out scheduled, and make a pact to not discuss anything related to the plans of your new home. While this is a very exciting process, there are other things in your lives that are also important to focus on.

You will need to visit many suppliers together, but that doesn’t mean date night has to be a trip to Lowe’s Home Improvement store. Setting one or two nights per week in which home plan discussions are off-limits will refresh your relationship and  your minds.

Building a home doesn’t have to put a strain on your marriage. Communication is key. You should also choose a builder whose work matches your style and who you trust to help you with these decisions. If you are considering embarking on this journey, contact us for a consultation. We would love to help you build your dream home!




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