Reasons to Choose New Home Construction


Reasons to Choose New Home Construction

Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home; getting to this point takes a lot of careful planning and dedicated hard work. Hopefully, you will find a home that satisfies all your criteria for what your dream should be; that’s the only thing that makes your effort worth it.

But before you find that ideal home, there is something you may not have thought of. Should your new home be a pre-owned home or a new construction home?

When most people set out to buy a home, what they usually have in mind is a resale home. As T.E. Johnson & Sons explains, that is a home that has been owned and lived in by another person. There are a couple of reasons why people instinctively choose this as their preferred route.

Firstly, there are more resale homes on the market than new construction homes. So, there is a greater likelihood that buyers are going to end up buying a resale home. Secondly, many buyers do not know that another option exists and that this other option is within easy reach.

However, there are a lot of things to be said about buying a new construction home. In this post, we present the reasons you should buy a new home versus a resale home. Before you finalize the purchase of a resale property, you should think over the below points.

1.You can personalize your home

Buying a resale home limits you to the previous owner’s or builder’s vision of what your house should be. But with new home construction, you can decide what is most important to you in your new home. Most builders have a collection of designs, and they will let you choose things like the number of baths or bedrooms, type of appliances, and finishing. The home you buy will be uniquely yours.

2.Modern designs and floor plans

The home will enjoy the latest standards in architectural design. Modern homes tend to be more spacious and brightly lit with a lot of natural lighting. They employ modern building materials and techniques. Also, they are usually a step ahead of the building code because they implement their industry’s best practices in safety. With a new home construction, there is no need to redo the layout of your home.

3.Lower maintenance costs

Since the structures, systems, and appliances in the home are new, owners of new construction homes will enjoy lower maintenance costs than a pre-owned home. There is no worrying about whether your electrical or plumbing systems are up-to-code. There will be no need to update the home’s features soon after you move in. Overall, a new home is hassle-free compared to an older building.

4.You get a new home warranty

Everything in a new home comes with a warranty. The warranty covers the home’s structures, foundation, roof, walls, flooring, basement, and more. It also covers the systems in the building; HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. Even appliances and all contents supplied by the builder will have a warranty. When you buy a newly-built home, you have the assurance that you will not pay to fix any issue you discover in the home’s features.

5.Energy-efficient from the get-go

When you buy a newly-built home, you will not need to retrofit it for energy efficiency, as you would often do with an existing home. The home is built with energy efficiency in mind. Everything in it is to optimize energy use and minimize energy costs. The house will include plumbing systems that use less water, doors & windows that are well insulated, low-energy lighting, and efficient appliances.

6.You can access great neighborhoods with the best amenities

You can find most new home constructions in brand new neighborhoods with the best features and amenities. Unlike when building in areas that are already built-up, property developers have the freedom to plan these new communities and design the best features into them. As a result, new communities will have amenities you won’t find in older locations, such as walking trails, luxurious clubhouses, swimming pools, and up-to-date sports facilities.

7.Younger homes have more value and are easier to sell

A newly built home is superior to an older home in its “effective age” and “actual age.” The effective age of a house refers to how modern or outdated the home’s designs and features are. You may remodel a pre-owned home to make it more modern and improve its effective age, but the real age will never change. A newly-built home, on the other hand, is already recent. Finding a buyer for a new construction home is easy, and the property will be valued higher.

To sum up, when you choose new home construction, you choose better value and peace of mind. Why wouldn’t you want that?